With ultra light texture finisher and cuticle stabilizer temporarily filling in micro-fissures to uniformly smooth out strands. The new generation of BB Blur diffuses reflected light to reveal a velvety glow. Active anti-frizz and anti-humidity factors encourage a prolonged smoothing response, which lasts until the next brushing.


Beauty Balm presents a variety of functional enhancements to hair fibers: thermal and solar protection, anti-frizz defense, silkiness, fortitude, revitalization, shine, soft touch, conditioning, combability, and repair.


The Protective Serum shields to advance hair resistance. The highly conditioning base penetrates the hair filament invigorating the hair cuticle, resulting in combability, sensorial differentiation, repair and protection.

hair perfumes
amazing shine with fine fragrances

The Maxiline Hair Perfumes promote an intense shine, the closing of the cuticle and the reduction of split ends through the conditioning and repairing action existing in the silicone.